On October 13th, 2002, First Mennonite was invited to return to the College Street Church by St. Marks Episcopal, the present owners of the building. A service of worship comprising elements from both congregations was held, with participation by members of each. This is the bulletin from that service.


                                   St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

                                                 October 13, 2002

                                                      10:30 A.M.






   Prelude           Adagio from Symphony for Organ and Orchestra       Saint Saens

   Word of welcome                                                            The Rev. Paul J. Thielo

   Choral call to worship:   Lord, Listen To Your Children Praying           Medema

                                               The First Mennonite Choir

 *Hymn 362                                                                                  Holy, Holy, Holy


 *Gloria Patri

 *Hymn of praise 376                                                  Joyful, joyful, we adore thee





We Listen For God=s Word To Us

   First lesson                                Isaiah 25:1-9                                 Bobbie Mohr

   Psalm 23

   Second lesson                         Philippians 4:4-13                               Art Gifford

   Children=s message             Going to Church in 1852               Rev. James Mohr

   Sermon                                       Keep On                               Rev. James Mohr

                                                  Philippians 4:9





We Respond To God=s Word In Gratitude


 *Passing of the peace

   Offertory                              Air from Suite in D                                  J.S.  Bach

      (Gifts in envelopes will be given to respective churches.  Loose offering will be

        given to Medina Habitat for Humanity.)

   Offering prayer                                                                         Rev. James Mohr

   Anthem                             Let Thy Holy Presence                          Tschesnokoff

   Morning prayer (page 387 in red prayer book)                                  Retha Clark

   Prayers of the people

   Lord=s Prayer






 * Closing hymn 680                                                  O God, our help in ages past

 * Take Thou my hand, O Father


         Take thou my hand, O Father, and lead thou me,

         until my journey endeth eternally.

         Alone I will not wander one single day.

        Be thou my true companion and with me stay.



 * Choral Benediction          Christ, We Do All Adore Thee                         Dubois

                                                First Mennonite Choir

    Postlude                           Jesu, Joy of Man=s Desiring                          J.S. Bach



              * Congregation stands



                 Pastors               The Rev. Paul J. Thielo, St. Mark=s Episcopal

                                           The Rev. James R. Mohr, First Mennonite

                 Organist             Mary Lou Stein

                 Choir Director    Lowell Nofziger



Welcome to all who are with us today.  Please join us for a reception in the Parish

 Hall following the service.


The altar flowers are presented to the glory of God and in thanksgiving for the 150th

 anniversary of First Mennonite Church.


The Sanctuary Light is burning in loving memory of Marian Ripley.