October 20, 2002


Sunday School






Worship Service








 Service of Worship

                                               First Mennonite Church                                         

                                                    Wadsworth, Ohio



Sunday                                                                                       October 20, 2002

Sunday School                                                                                           9:30am

Worship Service                                                                                      10:30am


                                                   Service of Worship



    Prelude                                Be Thou My Vision           Traditional Irish melody

    Choral call to worship           Holy, Holy, Holy                                      Schubert

   * Opening hymn 1                                                                    What is this place?

    Proclamation from the city                                               Mayor Caesar Carrino

    Historical bell presentation                     Dale Fortner, superintendent of schools

                                                                   James McIlvaine, Pres. of school board

                                                                   Mark Weidner, Associated Mennonite

                                                                          Biblical Seminaries


    Hymn of Affirmation 43                                               Christ is our cornerstone



We Listen For God=s Word To Us                     

    Children=s message                                                                  Rev. James Mohr

    Scripture: I Kings   18-19  (readers theatre)

           Narrator:   Mark Haas

           God:   Fritz Sprunger

           Elijah:   Lowell Nofziger

           Ahab:    Ron Chamberlin

           Jezebel:   Mona Rohrer


    Anthem                       Take My Hand And Lead Me                               Silcher                                                                                                           arr.  L. Nickel

    Sermon                              The Uses of History                 Rev. Don Steelberg

                              AMy grace is sufficient for you, for power is

                                made perfect in weakness.@   II Corinthians 12:9


    Hymn   502                                             Spirit of God!  Descend upon my heart



We Respond To God=s Goodness

    Offertory                                 Amazing Grace                        American melody

     Doxology   118  

    Recognition of those with 50 plus years of membership

    Anthem                           Lift Your Glad Voices                                       Gould

                                                                                                 arr.  J.L. Kauffman

    Anniversary  prayer      


 * Hymn 366                                                            God of grace and God of glory

 * Choral benediction             Bless, O Lord, And Keep Us                        Francke

 * Meal grace

    Postlude                                  Toccata in G                                by Dennis Eliot     

                            *Congregation stands


                                    Pastor                   James R. Mohr

                                    Organist               Susan D=Amico

                                    Choir Director      Lowell Nofziger

                                    Worship Leader   Jerry Newcomer, President of Council



Welcome to our celebration of our 150th anniversary.  We praise God for the past

 legacy which is ours and for the opportunity to have a vital role in the future of our

community and world. 


Greeters today are Darren & Angie Newcomer; next week Jack & Mona Rohrer.


Angie Newcomer is responsible for the nursery today; next week Mona Rohrer.


The October 12, 1866 Enterprise carried this article, AA New Bell.  The bell weighing

 about eight hundred pounds was placed in the belfry of the Mennonite College on last

 Wednesday.@  The first term of school began January 2, 1868 and the last term closed

 May of 1879.  That bell is now being presented to Associated Mennonite Biblical

 Seminaries as a part of our history.


Tomorrow two of our members share a birthday.  Ira Shoup will be 90 years old.

 The family is requesting our help for this milestone birthday by sending cards to

Ira at  The Residence of Sterling Oaks; 540 Great Oaks Trail; Wadsworth. A note sharing

 a memory or a good joke would be appreciated.

Also tomorrow is Mike Friedt=s 84th birthday.


The white alter flowers  are also in loving memory of Christiaan Ravenswaay and for all

 of our other loved ones who have passed.


In the small kitchen there is a box with some items, left at Evensong.  Please claim any

 of your lost items.


Thanks to Ryan Croyle, Shawn & Jacob Newcomer and youth sponsor, Angie Newcomer,

for the Commemorative banner at the stairway.



Long term members:

        70 + years        Mike Friedt

                                Dorothy Welday

                                Carl Lind




         60 + years       Orpha Hunsberger               Dale Lowe

                                Ruth Schneider                    Marlin Emig

                                Glenn Geiger


       50-59 years       Marge Beery              Carl Shelly

                                Elnore Friedt             Ray Shelly

                                Bob Hart                    Ira Shoup

                                Alice Rohrer              Ruth Yarman



                    C      A      L      E      N      D      A     R




Mon-Thurs           Meat canning for Mennonite Central Committee at Central

                             Christian H.S.  Kidron


Wed.     6:00pm   Wed. Night family night w/carry in

             6:45pm    Kid=s choirs rehearsal

             7:15pm    Venture Club

             7:15pm    Youth homework

             7:15pm    Adult Bible Study

             7:30pm    Choir rehearsal




Thurs.   4:30pm    There will be a peace march sponsored by the Greater Akron

                             Peace Coalition.  Come to the Akron U. athletic field.  To show

                             your opposition to an Iraqi war.


             7:30pm    Congregational leaders from our church, Salem and Oak Grove

                             meet with Verle Brubaker of the Central District Mission

                             committee about Athe natural church.@  Meet in our parking lot

                             at 7pm to car pool to Oak Grove.



Sat.                       Cornerstone Halloween/Hayride party at the Newcomer farm.

                             Bring finger foods.


Next      9:30am    Sunday School

Sun.    10:30am    Worship Service - ALove Needs To Flow In All Directions@

                             Matthew 22:34-46   Scripture reader will be Bob Hart.


Nov1&2 6:30pm   Beginning of a Acamp-in@ at church.  Carry-in on Friday night.

                             Bring a covered dish and salad or dessert, and your own table-

                            ware.  There will be worship, games, crafts.  For staying over-

                             night, a sleeping bag with an air mattress may do well.  Satur-

                             day meals will all be provided by F&W.  Please sign up to let

                             us know who will or will not stay overnight. 



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