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This page is presently "under construction" until we get some fresh photographs and information about the present activities. You may still check out the links, below.
We have Sunday School during the adult school time at 9:30 am. Our creative and dedicated teachers make it an interesting time for us while we learn about our Christian faith.


Fun Links to the Web
Watch this space for some neat websites to visit! Here are a few to start with.
Astronomy! Would you like to see some great photos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope? There are comets, planets, galaxies, and more. Also rockets and photos of astronauts.Just click HERE
Smithsonian! Have you been to Washington, DC? If you have, maybe you visited the Smithsonian institution, with its museums of space and aviation, natural history art and science. Now you can go THERE on the web! This is also a good way to learn before you travel, and to remember after you've come home.
Do you want to know how your Dad's electric shaver works? Or maybe you would like to know about an electric clock, or maybe the family toaster. To find out  HOW STUFF WORKS, click HERE
DINOSAURS! Here is a really good place to learn all about dinosaurs. It has pictures, drawings, lots of facts and things to do, too. Look for it HERE.
YOUR FAVORITES. Do you have favorite sites you would like to share? If so, E-mail us the information and we will try to include it on this page. Send an E-mail  to me, the Web Manager,